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As one of the busiest caterers in Doylestown and Warminster our catering team gets a lot of questions. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions (FAQs) about catering from Altomonte’s:

How far in advance should I place my catering order?

It’s never too early to order your catering trays, meals, or baked goods from Altomonte’s. We do get very busy at certain times of the year, so it’s always best to get your order in early to ensure you get just what you want. Here are some specific recommendations:

For Catering Trays

For catering trays, a 24 hour notice is always appreciated, but not always necessary. Please check with a catering specialist when ordering. We will make every effort to accommodate same day orders, however we cannot ensure product and time availability all the time.

For Cakes and Pastries

Most cakes and pastry items require a few days notice. Bread, rolls, and tomato pies can be ordered up to 24 hours in advance.

For Large Events (weddings, formal gatherings)

For large or formal events (weddings, conferences, business meetings), a few weeks (or more) are recommended so that we can help you plan the menu and make plans.

Can you deliver my catered meals?

Most often people pick up their catering themselves. We can deliver, please contact our Doylestown catering team or Warminster catering team for more information.

If I need to change my catering order, what is the latest I need to let you know by?

Please provide a minimum of 48 hour notice for any cancellation in order to avoid a 50% cancellation fee. This includes inclement weather cancellations. If there are changes to your order we must know at least 72 hours prior or more during the holidays.

IMPORTANT: Once a catering order has gone through our on-line server you cannot cancel it. Your order gets processed immediately and gets sent to each respective department for immediate attention. Please call your Doylestown or Warminster store location is you want to cancel your order immediately to discuss what is possible.

How much in advance should I pick up my catering?

When you come in to pick-up a catering order it will take time to collect your items, check-out, and load the items into your car. You may want to give us an earlier pick-up time to ensure that you get out of the store at the time you need. During busy times (holidays, graduations, communions, etc.) it may take longer to get your order based on how many people are in front of you in line and how big your order is.

Should I pick-up my catering order hot or cold?

If you choose to pick up your food hot, the food should be served immediately. You may set the food on a chaffing set with sternos; this will keep the food warm for 2 hours. If you pick up your food cold you must keep it refrigerated until ready to heat. Remember to allow enough time (at minimum one hour) to heat up your food before your event starts. Also, sterno fuel is used to keep your food warm; it is not used to heat up cold food.

Pricing & Service Options

All prices are subject to change without notice. Service Options are subject to availability, please inquire.

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