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Bacon Ranch Chicken Cheesesteak


Chicken Cheesesteak on a 6” roll with Cheddar Cheese, Bacon, and Ranch Dressing. Side of Macaroni Salad.

Monday, September 16th

Grilled Pesto Chicken


Fresh Grilled Chicken on a 6” Roll with Pesto, Melted Provolone Cheese, and Bruschetta. Side of Chips.
Tuesday, September 17th

Grilled Ham and Cheese


Imported Ham and Cooper Sharp Cheese grilled to perfection on our Altamura Bread. Side of Fries.
Wednesday, September 18th

The Ultimate


Home Roasted Beef AND Pork on a 6” Roll with Melted Aged Sharp Provolone then topped with Broccoli Rabe and Hot Fried Peppers.
Thursday, September 19th

Turkey and Pepperoni


Home Roasted Turkey on a 6” Roll with Provolone Cheese, Pepperoni, Lettuce, Tomato, Onion, spices, and oil. Side of Macaroni Salad.
Friday, September 20th

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