When it comes to the food at a corporate event, you always want to make sure things are up to par. Below are 5 easy tips for planning a successful corporate event when it comes to the food.

1. Ease of ordering and having it delivered – When you order frequently, you want to have it be as simple and easy as possible. Have you ever called a place again and again and every single time you had to give them your credit card number? In a busy corporate environment, you want ordering to be simple, quick, and seamless. Order from a company that can securely save your credit card information in their system, so you don’t need to spend time giving them the numbers time and time again. It will also save you time and energy if the company has a well laid out food map of options for your meetings – not too much, not too little! Check out this menu that Altomonte’s has outlined. Lastly, to make things easier on you, pick a place that will deliver the food for you! You’ve got enough on your plate, and interrupting your entire day to leave the office, get in the car, drive to pick up the food, haul it all inside, and set it up just simply takes too much time! Instead, order from and hire a company that will take care of all of that for you.

2. Wholesome fresh ingredients – No one wants to eat junk food that will make them feel like crap. So you will want to make sure you have a menu full of wholesome, fresh, and homemade items. Almost everyone is watching what they eat, or has dietary restrictions, so your menu and food selections need to reflect those needs. The less processed, and the more homemade, the better!

3. All about the presentation – It’s important to have a space set up that is not only well-suited for your meeting needs (audio-visual, etc.), but also well-suited for feeding everyone. Determining the best placement of the food can go a long way in making sure the meeting participants are not distracted by others getting up to get food, drinks, or paper products. However, one of the most important pieces of presentation when food is involved is literally how the food looks on the platters. Who wants to eat something that doesn’t look all that appetizing? Certainly not most people. So be sure to order from a company that is going to have a beautiful presentation upon delivery of the items. If the food looks appetizing, people will eat it. But on the other hand, if it’s sloppy and not presented well, you’ll find most people won’t really eat it.

4. Not too much, not too little – Having the perfect portion size is key in making sure your meeting participants leave satisfied, but not so stuffed of delicious food that they cannot focus the rest of the workday. Make sure that the food you order is appropriately portioned, and that you have a backup plan for leftover food. The company you work with will often times provide to-go containers for packaging up leftover food, if you simply just ask. Sometimes there might be a small fee for such paper products, but it can be well worth your while so as not to waste food or money.

5. Value-added service – Many companies can provide you with paper products such as plates, napkins, utensils, serving pieces, and even sterno kits, however be aware that some places do charge for these items. When placing an order with a company, check to see if these items are first available, and if so, if there is a charge for them. Working with a company that includes all of these items for free, is simply a value-added service provided to you as a thank you for being a loyal customer – something almost anyone can appreciate.

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