Peas with Pasta

2 lbs (about 4 cups shelled) fresh spring English peas (can also use frozen if not in season)

2 cloves garlic

3 small onions

1 lb. (dry) ditalini pasta

5 scallions

½ cup olive oil

1 bunch parsley

1 tbsp salt

Parmigiano, grated cheese for serving

If using fresh peas, shell them and then rinse with water.

Dice scallions (be sure to take off the bulbs) and onions and place into a pot, with ½ cup olive oil. Turn on to medium heat and let simmer. After a little while, add 3 cloves of diced garlic to the pot, and continue to let simmer. Stir and watch for items to turn a golden brown.

When you rinse the peas with water, keep some water with them. Add the peas, with the water to the pot. Also add about ½ cup chopped fresh parsley and salt. Let simmer and stir periodically. It should take about 10 minutes for the peas to become tender. Once they are, turn off heat and wait until pasta is ready.

Boil water for pasta, and cook pasta according to directions on the package, for it to be al dente – remember it will continue to cook with peas, so the pasta needs to be al dente.

Once pasta is ready, drain out some of the water, so there is still water with the pasta in the pot. Dump the pasta and water into the pea pot and turn the stove on high. Allow to cook about 2 more minutes all together, and then it is finished! Sprinkle parmigiano on top as you wish and eat immediately!

Ladle into a bowl, and enjoy!


*You can add whatever meat you’d like! This recipe is vegetarian, but can easily be made with prosciutto, soppressata, etc.

**Want the onions to add even more flavor? Caramelize them before adding peas and water to the pot.


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