Benvenuti nella nostra cucina! Welcome to our kitchen!

We miss doing live, in-person classes, your beautiful smiling faces and hugs. So many times I am stopped, in-store, by someone with a food, ingredient or recipe question. Often if goes like this, “My grandmom/nonna/mom/aunt used to make this dish….but I’m not sure exactly what it was called, can you help me?’ I live for that! My heart always aches a bit, though to hear, that they don’t have the exact recipe and/or secret to make it taste exactly like ‘her’s did”, but I’m always overjoyed to help! My goal is to get as many authentic recipes, traditions, antidotes, tricks, hacks and stories from my mamma and get it onto print and film as I possibly can. It’s no easy task, there are no measuring cups and lots of little secrets here and there. To get everything it would take several lifetimes, but I’m up for the challenge!  I also want to hear from you! Is there anything you would like to see us feature? Any thing you wish you had the recipe for? Any questions for me or nonna? Follow @altomontes on Facebook and Instagram, send messages via direct message,  we would love to connect! Food unites us all, there nothing better than cooking, laughing and breaking bread together with those you love.

A presto! <3 Nonna & Maria

The house Nonna grew up in, Altomonte, Italy surrounded by olive trees.


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