Zia Maria’s Cucina

As the Chief Creative Officer of Altomonte’s, I’m constantly asking myself, “What makes Altomonte’s so special?” Is it the love my parents put into creating this wonderful business? Is it the quality of the delicious ingredients we source from the Old Country? Is it the passion my family, staff and I put into serving our customers every day? It’s actually all of these things, and more! Please enjoy the blog posts below. It’s our way of sharing the passion we have for everything we do at Altomonte’s — from our family to yours.


In Altomonte we fry these light, airy cookies topped with powdered sugar for every wedding, baptism, communion or any celebration for that matter. In the North, they are used to celebrate Carnevale.

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Maria Teresa’s Tiramisu Sticky Bun

When I say I dreamt of this recipe, I mean it literally! I went to bed one night and rolled these beauties out in my dreams, right before waking I was frosting them and could smell them! I woke up and wrote it down. I googled it to see if anyone had already thought of (or dreamed of) this and didn’t see anything. Can it be? So I played with the recipe and yummmmy…..dreams really do come true! The base is The Pioneer Woman’s cinnamon roll dough recipe, which is just perfection. The Tiramisu part comes in with the filling and topping of buns….crazy good. While you are on the Pioneer Woman website, check out the way she rolls her rolls!

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