Italian Coffee Bar (Doylestown Location Only)

Coffee as it's Meant to be

Drop by for great tasting coffee, locally roasted with organic beans. Feel like a treat?  Have a Moka Cioccolata, or a Nutella Cappuccino.  After all, Italy is synonymous with coffee.  (And by the way, Starbucks has it all wrong: it’s not Tall, Grande, and Venti, it’s “Piccolo, Medio, and Grande”!)

Bean There, Roasted That

Altomonte’s coffee is not only made in the Italian style, it’s also 100% organic, free-trade, and locally roasted. Which makes it truly the best that Old World-New World has to offer.

The Original Coffee Culture

In Italy, coffee is more than a drink, it’s a daily ritual… a cappuccino with breakfast, a caffè macchiato as an afternoon pick-me-up, and an espresso after dinner.

There are even rules that say when a certain cup is appropriate. For example, any coffee prepared or served with milk, say like a cappuccino or cafe latte for instance, is just for mornings — never after a meal and very rarely in the afternoon.

Coffee On-the-go!

Italian’s don’t typically sit at a table for a leisurely cup. Instead they stand at the coffee bar, and quickly sip their espresso, before going on their way.

Stop at Altomonte’s for a true Italian-style coffee. Whatever time of day!

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