Now that's Italian Pizza!

Looking for truly Roman-style pizza? One made with the most authentic and freshest ingredients? Come to Altomonte’s in Doylestown and choose from a long list of pies to go. Or just sit down for a slice!

Fresh pizza is only available at both Doylestown & Warminster locations.

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"00" Flour - Doppio Zero

At Altomonte’s, we use imported Italian “00” flour in our pizza dough.  Named for the nest grain of milling, “00” this is the gold standard of all pizza flours and the pizza dough ingredient of choice in Italy. Also called doppio zero flour, it’s been used there ever since the very first Margherita pizza was made for the Queen of Naples, nearly 150 years ago!

Altomonte's Roman Style Pizza

At Altomonte’s, we take great pride in producing this authentic style of pizza that originated in Rome. Using the very best traditional ingredients in each pie is the secret to our delicious Old World offering!

Traditional Tomato Pie

Altomonte’s long fermentation process also adds to our unique recipe and makes the pizza easier to digest. More fermentation time creates a finished crust that is airy and light, more digestible, and better for you.

Once you’ve tasted Altomonte’s pizza you may never want to go anywhere else. Try it!

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