Linguine allo Scoglio


I’ve tasted this seafood pasta dish many times in Italy and wanted to recreate it at home. A quick google search led me to America’s Test Kitchen, whom I adore. I agreed with their sentiment that while Linguine Frutti di Mare is nice, Linguine allo Scoglio is the ultimate shellfish and pasta dish! By the same notion, some recipes for it just don’t taste very seafood-y at all. But I believe this recipe for Linguine allo Scoglio really lets the seafood shine! I tweaked it and made this recipe my own, it’s a lot of ingredients but so worth it – I hope you like it!

If you can’t find soft shell clams or cockles, replace all or part of the recipe with little neck clams. You can omit the baby octopus if you like and just use the squid tentacles instead, if you do, just add the tentacles at the same time as the tubes. My market didn’t have any on the day I needed and we love the tentacles in Linguine allo Scoglio so I had to improvise.